Nordholtz ’22

The Canadian company Top Aces has been contracted by the German Ministry of Defense for aggressor / opposing forces / etc. aerial work. Normally based at Wittmund, they now have diverted to the Commercial platform of Nordholz-Cuxhaven due to runway repairs and overhaul at Wittmund. This unexpectedly gave a great view of their operations in the early morning light during our visit.

Active were:

A-4 Skyhawks

C-FGZD                #367     BuNo 159051

C-FGZH               #534      BuNo 159536

C-FGZO               #532      BuNo 159534

C-FGZS                #377      BuNo 158730

C-FGZT                #542      BuNo 159544

C-FGWT              #499      BuNo 152853

Alpha Jet

C-HFTD               #104      ex 41+04

C-GFTO               #038      ex 40+38

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