The Tactical Leadership Programme, also known as the Pilot School of NATO, is an international military organization formed by 10 permanent member countries (Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, United Kingdom and United States), the rest of the countries of NATO and the invited countries from outside NATO.

It is a multinational center of advanced training for pilots and crews with the aim of improving the operability and effectiveness of the Allied Air Forces. In addition to the flight training courses (both day and night), theoretical courses are also developed for personnel from the three armies of both NATO and non-NATO countries. elaboration of the aerial doctrine.
The Alied Air Forces Central Europe (AAFCE) Tactical Leadership Program (TLP) was born from the desire of the air forces of Central Europe to improve their tactics. In addition, there was a strong desire to develop new tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs). Improving multi-national air performance was an important motive in this.

With this in mind, TLP was established in January 1978 at the Germany airbase Furstenfeldbruck. Initially seminars of 2 weeks were organized where participants from the countries discussed NATO TTPs. In September 1979, TLP moved to Jever in northern Germany. There, for the first time, a flight phase was introduced to the course. The course was extended to 4 weeks. TLP remained in Jever until December 1988. By that time, TLP had organized about 71 flying courses with more than 2000 graduate NATO pilots.

In March 1989 TLP moved to the Belgian airbase Florennes where two new departments, Academics and Concepts & Doctrines, were added. TLP became a “support or SHAPE” unit in January 2002. This meant that SHAPE was included in the MOU which changed the name of TLP to “Allied Command Operations Tactical Leadership Program”, or ACO TLP.

TLP had more and more difficulty finding suitable space for training during the course of 2000. European airspace is getting busier, resulting in less space for a military flight program. This, coupled with the bad weather in Florennes and no possibilities for night flying, led in July 2009 that TLP moved to the air base Albacete in Spain.

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