The exercise DIATIT, the first three letters coming from the word DIANA, which is the nickname of the 323TACTESS the organizing unit, the last three letters coming from Tactical Integrated Training. Integrated meaning that Navy, Army and Air Force are combined in a major exercise. In this year the participating partners were the USAF, the Canadian AF, French AF and NATO as well as the Dutch.

USAFE36 FW/22 FSF-15C79-0022/BT
USAFE36 FW/22 FSF-15C79-0046/BT
USAFE36 FW/22 FSF-15C80-0003/BT
USAFE36 FW/22 FSF-15C80-0015/BT
USAFE36 FW/22 FSF-15C84-0022/BT
USAFE36 FW/22 FSF-15D79-0011/BT
CAF439 Sq.Hornet CF-18A188723
CAF1 CADHornet CF-18A188750
CAF439 Sq.Hornet CF-18A188753
CAF439 Sq.Hornet CF-18A188764
CAF441 Sq.Hornet CF-18A188782
CAF1 CADHornet CF-18B188923
FAFEC 01/005Mirage 2000RDI77/5-ND
FAFEC 01/005Mirage 2000RDI78/5-NE
FAFEC 01/005Mirage 2000RDI83/5-NG
FAFEC 01/005Mirage 2000RDI84/5-NH
FAFEC 01/005Mirage 2000RDI85/5-NI
FAFEC 01/005Mirage 2000RDI89/5-NM
RNLAF315 Sq.F-16AJ-061
RNLAF315 Sq.F-16AJ-063
RNLAF315 Sq.F-16AJ-011
RNLAF315 Sq.F-16AJ-008
RNLAF322 Sq.F-16AJ-218
RNLAF322 Sq.F-16AJ-215
RNLAF322 Sq.F-16BJ-264
RNLAF322 Sq.F-16BJ-270
RNLAF322 Sq.F-16BJ-266
RNLAF322 Sq.F-16AJ-138

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