TAM ’84

The biennial air force exercise, which took place under the name of Tactical Air Meet ’84 (TAM), differed from the then usual NATO flight practices because operation is carried out from one base. During TAM ’84, the real war situation will be simulated as much as possible. As a result, during half of the total number of flight hours, low to low (150 to 73 m) will be flown. TAM distinguishes itself from other exercises in this. “Noisy” areas and urban centers will be spared as much as possible by the pilots.

The exercises were held mainly in the morning hours, with the “boxes” generally in the air between nine o’clock in the morning and one o’clock in the afternoon.
The TAM served to improve the cooperation and the effectiveness of the air forces in Central Europe by jointly and integrally practicing tactics and procedures for the execution of air defense, air strikes and reconnaissance.
The start was an enemy attack on North-West Europe from the North Sea. The combat zone is largely located in the Northern Netherlands and the adjacent areas of the Federal Republic, the Wadden Sea and the North Sea. As attack targets, army units, guided weapons and at sea the navy is allowed to supply a few “targets.” Three teams are formed from the participating planes, two of which are attacking and one has to defend the target areas.

Host country
TAM ’84 was participated by units of the air forces of the Netherlands, Belgium, England, West Germany, Canada and the United States, while France participates as a host country. In total, the exercise involved about 1,000 men.
During the exercise, aircraft of type F-15 and F-16, Jaguar, F-Ul, F-4E, Alpha Jet, A-10, F-4G / E and MIR V were used.

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