Frisian Flag ’12

The aim of the exercise is to train the participating pilots in carrying out complex missions in an international context and during a higher spectrum of violence. This includes scenarios of future NATO-Response Force (NRF) deployment and current deployment, such as in Afghanistan and recently above Libya. In addition to the Dutch Air Force with 12 F-16s, in this exercise the Polish Air Force fly with 4 F-16s, the Norwegian Air Force with 8 F-16s and the Belgian Air Force with 4 F-16s. The Finnish Air Force participates with 4 F-18 Hornet fighter aircraft, the Swedes with 4 JAS-39 Gripen aircraft and the British and German Air Force with 8 Typhoons. In addition to fighter planes, a C-130 Hercules transport aircraft from Eindhoven Air Base and Apache and Cougar helicopters from the Defense Helicopter Command participate in the exercise.
The Group Guided Arms participates with a PATRIOT air defense system. The National Data Link Management Cell provides support with data link systems. AWACS aircraft and a KDC-10 tanker also fly in the exercise, but they leave from their own home base.

During Frisian Flag 2012, the majority of the missions in the training areas above the North Sea are performed for air defense missions. Use is also made of the Vliehors Schietrange, the military training area de Marnewaard and parts of the Northern Netherlands.

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