Madrid Fiesta Nacional de España

The National Day of Spain (Spanish: Fiesta Nacional de España) is a national holiday held annually on October 12. It is also traditionally and commonly referred to as the Día de la Hispanidad (Hispanicity, Spanishness Day), commemorating Spanish legacy worldwide, especially in Hispanic America.

The National Day of Spain is the day of celebration on which the Spanish people commemorate the country’s history, recognize and appreciate achievements, reconfirm their commitment to the nation’s future. The day celebrates unity and fraternity, and also shows Spain’s ties with the international community.

National Day of Spain commemorates the discovery of the Americas by Christopher Columbus for Spain on October 12, 1492. The date is a key point for Spain’s overseas influence and legacy to the world and to the Americas in particular. It symbolizes Spain’s vast, common heritage with today’s American countries, which made up the Spanish Empire, the first global power in world history.

October 12 is also the official Spanish language day, the Feasts of both Our Lady of the Pillar and the Virgin of Zapopan as well as the Day of the Spanish Armed Forces.

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