Coronet Apache

The Squadron commanders bird on a hazy day.

Deployments to Europe by United States Air Force Fighters (including ANG and AFRES) have been a common feature since 1970.

Initiated in 1975 the ‘Coronet’ series of deployments brought TAC, ANG and AFRES Fighter units to Europe for two-week periods (sometimes shorter or longer) to exercise their long range deployment capabilities and to familiarize themselves with the European theatre of operations (and weather!). From 1979 the ‘Coronets’ came under the ‘Checkered Flag’ programme, which required the units to deploy once every three years. ‘Checkered Flag’ was initiated to provide realistic deployment training and was terminated in 1997. When the units deployed to Europe they CHOP (CHange of OPerational control) at 10 degrees W. longitude. They then came under the command of the U.S. commander at EUCOM (EUropean COMmand).

Coronet Apache was from 20 may until 20 june 1986 by the 9 TFW/9 TFS from Holloman AFB, Tactical Air Command. The flew the F-15A with the tailcode HO. The red finband signifies the 9TFS. The participating airframes were: 77-0063, 77-0071, 77-0077, 77-0082, 77-0091, 77-0095, 77-0105 ,77-0106 ,77-0109 ,77-0113 ,77-0151 and77-0153.

77-0091 did not depart due to damaged wing, after pylon fell off over Nijmegan 18 June, finally departed 30 October.

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