1985 KLu Open Dag

General Dynamics F-111F c/n E2-95 (F-95) 74-0177 in El Dorado Canyon. To AMARC as FV0219 Oct 19, 1995. Stored at RAF Mildenhall, UK Aug 4, 2005. Intended for display in the new Cold War Exhibition Hall being built at RAF Museum, Cosford. Has now been delivered to RAF Museum at Cosford (Sep 2005) and is now on display atthe National Cold War Exhibition, part of RAF Museum at RAF Cosford, exhibition opened to public Feb 8, 2007

The anual open dag of the Royal Netherlands Airforce was held in Leeuwarden in 1984. On the friday before the actual airshow the visiting participants arrived, and so were invited aircraft spotters. This led to interesting situations.

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